Our rental homes

The buildings are on the corner of Meisastrasse and Mönchslehne, they were constructed in 1899 in the Historicism style and they both are listed as historic monuments. Siegfried Köhler, the Saxon composer and later principal of the "Carl Maria von Weber" College of Music, Dresden, spent part of his life at 37 Meisastrasse.

The buildings were completely renovated in 1998 and meet modern housing standards. Their structural condition is that of new buildings. A precondition for renting them is an accommodation authorisation certificate issued by the Housing Department of the Town of Meissen.

The homes themselves are bright and well laid out. Each home has 1 storage room or loft. Your own section of the garden beside the home can be rented with it.

The total plot is 900 m² and includes a shared garden. Besides the washing and drying area there is also a drying room. Central heating and a central hot water supply are provided. The windows are well insulated. When they were renovated they were given improved sound insulation, so the homes are also well suited to families.

Schools and shopping facilities are within easy reach. The bus stop is very close. Meissen town centre is within walking distance.

If you are interested please contact us.

4 room apartment Meisastraße 37

Area: ca 89.65 m², 2nd floor
Rent: 470,00 €
Floor, rooms division, inquiry

2-Zimmer-Wohnung Meisastraße 37

Wohnfläche: ca 61 m², 2nd floor
Kaltmiete: 320,00 €
Floor, rooms division, inquiry

2½-Zimmer-Wohnung Meisastraße 37

Wohnfläche: ca 61 m², 3rd floor
Kaltmiete: 330,00 €
Floor, rooms division, inquiry


Ms. A. Werner
Mönchslehne 4
01662 Meissen
Tel. 0162 7087070

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